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Friday, March 9, 2012

Cafe and Bus Sketches

While we do a lot of drawing from life in our life drawing sessions at Capilano, it's always good to go out and sketch and draw in the "wild" as it were. Thus, I'm posting some cafe and bus sketches so far from this semester.

I'm still struggling with myself to push the shapes and proportions of heads and faces more and more. I've done some of that to mixed results, but mostly I'm finding that as with most activities, practice pays off. Though, there is much practice to be done.

Sketching people on buses and in cafes is fun and challenging. One of the great thrills inherent in the activity is in trying not to let other people know you're drawing them. It can be hard if you have a large sketchbook, but with medium to small ones it can be accomplished. Mainly, I find that people are largely interested in their immediate activities, and thus pay little attention to the activities of those around them. Also, I'm finding that I used to worry about getting a long enough pose from or unobstructed view of the subject, but I'm worrying about that less and less.

In fact, one of my favorite cafe sketching exercises now consists of simply glancing at a person, taking in a momentary impression of him or her, and then making a sketch without looking back. By using this method, I find that I am forced to try and retain a firmer image of the subject in my mind (attempting to sharpen my visual memory). Also by using only a fleeting glance as reference for my sketch, my mind very naturally begins to exaggerate the subject by grabbing onto his or her most striking/"memorable" features and play them up. This also frees me to make interesting sketches without ogling random strangers to death.

Artwork and images Copyright 2012 Alex York.

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noel c. said...

these are great alex! lots of unique characters out there...