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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Water Splash

We've started working on special effects animation in our class. This past week we did a flag wave, and after that we had to do a water splash (i.e. some object falls into a pool of water and the three parts of a splash occur: primary splash, ripples, and "bloop"). We animated these by hand in TVPaint.

It was tons of fun to do, and really interesting to follow the intricate and fluid movements of water. I made sure to look at notes from the excellent animation book of visual effects Elemental Magic by Joseph Gilland (though, I mainly looked at volume 2), and looked at some video reference via youtube for study... as well as dropping some small objects into the nearest pool I could find (it is Vancouver). All that said, it was a little hard to do reference study due to our secluded location and the cold weather. Regardless, even the little bit I did helped me immensely. I can see how visual effects would be a fun field to work in.

I particularly felt good about the twisting bloop at the end.

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