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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Bird Man Dance - Final Semester Animation Project

It's been a fantastic first semester up at the Capilano University Commercial Animation program. Our final animation drawing project was a group dance anijam where each person drew a clip of an original character design "dancing." Granted, emphasis wasn't on syncing to music at all. Instead, the emphasis was on showing appealing movement with the basic animation principles which we learned this semester.

In order for our animation to be an anijam which could play continuously, we were each given the last drawing of another students animation in order to take that character and make it morph or transform into our own, and in this way. For the soundtrack, we were to each make a "homemade" sound effect to accompany the transformation. A friend of mine made the lovely bird sound or shriek which you will hear. Finally, we were to select a short four second clip of music from an archive on the animation server network to play in the background of the dance.

My character was a man dressed in a bird costume with bare feet. He's based off of a man I once saw dancing in a strange and fun festival. He must of been some kind of intense drama major as it was chilly outside, but he wore nothing on his feet. He danced and jumped around awkwardly with his lanky limbs and the long bird beak attached to his head. He had a very focused, intense look in his eyes. It was strange, to say the least. I'm glad I can immortalize him in this animation. I'm sure he will come again someday.

As you can see, the animation is longer than the music, but, again, the point was to create quality, appealing movement using arcs and the principles of animation, not syncing to music. I hope you enjoy! I'll post some figure drawings and the like later in the week.

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