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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Animation Drawing So Far - Capilano

Our first animation project was just a kind of free-for-all where we each animated a few seconds of a box transforming and morphing into stuff and then returning to the box to have a class "anijam" or animation jam. It was a fun way to start the program off and showcase the personalities of each person. Above is my contribution.

After the anijam, we started to go into the core mechanics of animation and learned about contact, squash, last point of contact, volume consistency, drag, and more. We did some basic bouncing ball exercises and then moved into working with the floursack.

The floursack assignment was mainly to show understanding of keys, timing, jumping, squash/stretch, and drag.

Next, we started to elaborate on the floursack, giving it arms, legs, and a head. We started to work with a more fully formed body (very much like Stitch) and began focusing on overlapping action. I think the understanding of overlapping action for me didn't really hit until I watched a video of Glen Keane lecturing at Calarts. As he was doing a brief animation demonstration for the class, he told them (I paraphrase) to think of animation as having a handful of cards and though you might want to just throw them all down at once, the trick is to use them one at a time. This helped me tremendously as I began to finally grasp what overlapping was all about.

Thus, the Stitch assignment was to show an understanding of the core principles of animation and to show Stitch rise from lying on his back, get hit on the head, get dizzy, and then fall back to the ground, showcasing overlapping action and drag in the fall and reactionary bounce. All the while, we were to keep the volumes on model as best as we could. We could use keys and time it our, or we could in-between after keys. So, I did a slight mix. I feel good about how it came out.

Then, came the walks... (to be continued)

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